SRAM Supercork and Bontrager Double Gel Cork bar tape comparison

I’ve been comparing different bar tape with the idea to find something that’s not much more expensive than $20 and provides good enough grip and cushioning.  I first tried the SRAM Supercork tape and liked it.  I then messed up my handle bar and had to re-tape, so I got a pack of Bontrager Double Gel Cork Tape because I liked how it felt on a Trek touring bike (was it the 520) that the local bike shop had on display.

When I brought it home and compared to the SRAM tape, I’m pretty confident that the two tapes are exactly the same product, the only difference being the pattern embossed on the surface of the tape.  I examined them very closely and could not find any differences otherwise.

I prefer the small Bontrager logos to the large SRAM word, both aesthetically and from the tactile point of view, but then the SRAM tape can be had for half the price of the Bontrager.  Not sure which one I’ll be buying next.


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