DIY Leather Barebow Archery Finger Tab with 3D Printed Scale

I designed and made custom three-finger finger tabs for barebow archery. I needed finger tabs in three sizes – for myself, my 14 years old son, and my 11 years old daughter. For the insert with the scale, I’m using a 3D printed plate, which also serves as a stitching template.


3D Printed C-Clip for Top Shelf Roller for Miele Dishwashers

The top shelf of my dishwasher started to misbehave (would not stay straight). Upon investigation, turns out that the rollers in the rail that supports the shelf were coming off the metal shafts that were supposed to hold them. A little more digging and I found a C-clip of sorts on the bottom of the dishwasher. Turns out that C-clip retains the rollers on the metal shafts. The problem is that the C-clip became too thin and the little detent on the roller that is meant to keep it from sliding out, could no longer hold it.

The replacement C-clip can be purchases for around $4 per piece plus shipping. It bothered me to pay $20 for, cumulatively, about a gram of plastic. Besides, this situation is exactly what 3D printers are for. So I designed and printed the clips myself, and thought that I should share the design with others.


Pole/Mast Mount for Bobcat Miner 300 Stock Antenna

Bobcat Miner 300 hotspot comes with a fairly good stock antenna. Unfortunately, the antenna has a flat base that is meant for placing the antenna on a horizontal surface, such as a window sill. I wanted a more permanent way of mounting the stock antenna, so I designed this mount. With it, the stock antenna can be mounted on any round or square pole, mast, or rod..


NVME drive support bracket for Dell Laptops (replaces KYMC9)

When I wanted to add a second M.2 NVME drive to my Dell Inspiron 5502, I discovered that the laptop did not come with required hardware. I needed to buy Dell part KYMC9 to install the drive. But what are 3D printers for? After a little tinkering in Fusion 360, I designed and printed my own version of the bracket, and now I’m sharing the design with the world. From my understanding, this bracket is needed for Inspiron, Latitude, and Vostro laptops from the 5500, 5400, 4500, 3400, and 3500 series, but I only tested it with my 5502. If this bracket works for you, please leave a comment to let other people know.


String Action Gauge / Ruler for Guitar or Ukulele

I designed a 3D printable gauge/ruler that can be used to measure the string action on a guitar or ukulele. It features measurements in both millimeters and fractions of an inch. It can be optionally printed in two colours (does not require a multi-colour capable printer). Or print in single colour and use a sharpie to fill the depressions.


Containers for Upcycled Lids from Milk or Juice Cartons

I designed a variety of 3D printed containers to be used with the plastic lids that can be upcycled from milk or juice cartons. The containers are designed to be easy to print and to use as little plastic as possible.

When I saw these milk cap containers on Thingiverse, I thought that the idea was great. I later found another design. Unfortunately, the caps from the cartons in my household did not fit either of those two designs, and I ended up designing my own. I’m not sure why my caps did not fit, but it’s likely because the two designs above are from Europe, and I live in Canada. If you are in North America, then, likely, you would want my design.


Spare Dish for Cat Mate Feeder

At some point, my cat figured out that she can wake me up in the morning to get food quicker. Every day thereafter, I had to get up at 6AM to feed her. I bought the Cat Mate C300 automatic feeder to address this problem, and it worked really well. Now my cat gets her food at 6AM and does not bother me about it. The only issue with the feeder is that there is no way to buy a second bowl for it. This is a problem, because I prefer to run my dishwasher overnight, and the only bowl is in the cat feeder at that time, so I can not throw it into the dishwasher.

Since there was no way to buy a spare dish/bowl for the feeder, I designed and 3D printed one. It works great, and I hope that it can be useful for somebody else, too.