Sealant Funnels for Schrader and Presta Valves

Easily top up tubeless bicycle tires with sealant through the valve using these 3D printed funnels. No more spills or blocked syringes! I provide funnels for both Schrader and Presta valves.


The funnels need to be fairly small to fit in between the two spokes on either side of the valve. My wheel has 32 spokes, and the funnels fit with about 5 mm of space on both sides.


You need valve core removal tool, such as the universal Park Tool VC-1, to remove the valve core. Then thread the funnel on the valve, and pour the sealant into the funnel. Before re-inserting the valve core, I like to clean the inside of the valve with a Q-tip dipped in water, to clear any debris from the surfaces that mate with the valve core.


The design is released under the Creative Commons Attribution NonCommercial license. Download the zip file with the STL, STEP, and Fusion 360 files below. If you find my design useful, you can buy me a coffee.

This design on Thingiverse.
This design on Prusa Printers.


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