Spurcycle bell vs. Crane E-Ne

I have had a Spurcycle bell on one of my bikes for almost three years now, and I can’t say enough just how much I like it. It is very loud, built to last forever, and is very compact. I find it that every time I use it I get the attention of the car drivers, even when their car windows are closed. The only negative thing I can say about the Spurcycle bell is that it is very expensive. To the point that I have been planning to get a second one for my other bike, but can’t bring myself to shell out the money. Last week one of my local bike shops was running a sale on Crane bells, and I picked up a Crane E-Ne bell for half the price of a Spurcycle. This post compares the two and includes a video comparison of the two bells ringing side by side.

Both the Spurcycle and the Crane bells are very well made. All the parts are metal (the Spurcycle also has a rubber gasket), and the bells feel like they will last for many years. The mounts are well thought out and work for any handlebar diameter. The Spurcycle comes in two colour options, but the E-Ne can be bought in 10 different colours. The Spurcycle is notably more compact – the dome is smaller, and the striker does not protrude above the dome quite as much as the striker of the E-Ne does. Also, the striker of the E-Ne is made of sheet metal and seems like it would bend more easily in case of an accident of some sort. For build, I prefer the Spurcycle.

The Spurcycle seems to me just a little louder than the E-Ne, although I admit that I am basing this opinion on a very subjective and non-scientific test of dinging both bells repeatedly side by side. But still, it seems that the Spurcycle is a tad louder. Also, Spurcycle dings at a higher frequency than the E-Ne, and, also subjectively, it seems to me that Spurcycle’s pitch penetrates better. The E-Ne’s tone is more pleasing to the ear, it seems to have a richer sound, although a bit quieter. But we are talking about a bike bell, not a musical instrument here, so, for sound, I prefer the Spurcycle as well.

Here is a video of me dinging the two bells side by side:

Side-by-side comparison video of the Spurcycle and Crane E-Ne bells.

In conclusion, both bells are, no doubt, of high quality and sound very nicely. At the time of me writing this, the cost of E-Ne is about half of that of Spurcycle. If money is not an issue, then my recommendation is the Spurcycle, with no hesitation. However, equipping each bike with a Spurcycle may be cost-prohibiting for many, so the E-Ne is a solid alternative. As a bonus, you get more colours to choose from and a really wonderful melodic sound.



  1. Good test, but my conclusion (after trying them out A/B) is reversed. The Crane is closer to the ”classic” sound of bike bells. Amplitude is difficult to judge (they are close enough) but pitch / timbre definitely has an advantage in trying to grab attention on the street. Undisputed win IMO

    1. I agree, the pitch of the Crane is closer to the classic bell sound.

      But I would not be declaring an undisputed win. I regularly ride both bikes, and use both bells, for several years now. Subjectively, it seems to me that the Spurcycle gets a faster reaction from drivers than the Crane. It’s a very unscientific opinion, and may very well be tarnished by a cognitive bias. But still, personally, I prefer the Spurcycle in every aspect except the price.

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