Raspberry Pi Camera Mount for Prusa MK3/S/+ MK2/S

CAD rendering of the Picam mount, front right.

I have been using the Articulating Pi Cam mount with my Prusa MK3S. The joints between the links were coming lose all the time, and the 3D-printed screws were breaking when I was trying to tighten them. I designed my own arm for the mount, which:

  • Uses metal M3 fasteners, which can be tightened properly so that they would not come lose,
  • Is more than twice lighter than the articulating arm,
  • Has a slightly bigger ball for the ball joint, to make that joint a little bit tighter,
  • Is compatible with the camera head from the articulating arm, so if you are already using the articulating arm, you can reuse the camera case from it.

Raspberry Pi Based OpenWRT Router/Firewall Using Tagged VLANs

Raspberry Pi’s main downside (as far as using it as a router) is that it has only one Ethernet port. This can be overcome by using a USB Ethernet dongle to get an additional Ethernet port. I did not like that idea, because USB dongles are not designed for 24/7 operation. I stumbled upon a forum post that suggested using VLAN tagging to carry two virtual interfaces through the only Ethernet port of the Raspberry Pi, thus eliminating the need for the USB dongle. This article is a quick how-to for setting that up.