Lathe Chuck Wall Mount

3D rendering of the lathe chuck wall mount
3D rendering of the lathe chuck wall mount

I designed a simple 3D-printed mount that allows me to store my wood lathe chucks on the wall or any other vertical surface. I mounted mine on the wall of my wooden lathe stand. The mount is designed for 1″ 8TPI thread, but if you like the idea, it should be very easy to design the same mount for other spindle sizes.

Since it makes more sense to print this mount vertically, I was concerned with layer adhesion in the threaded part of the model, so I decided to allow for a 2″ #8 wood screw to be inserted through the threaded part, in order to strengthen it, and to provide some security in case the mount breaks – the wood screw should provide enough support to prevent the chuck from falling down.

Here are some pictures of the mount in action, holding two of my wood lathe chucks. PETG seemed like a good choice for the filament. The layer height is 0.2 mm, with 2 perimeters. The lower part of the model will see the most load, as the heavy chuck pulls down on the threaded spindle, so I chose 60% infill for the lower part of the model (the entire mounting plate and about 5 mm above it for the threaded spindle). I left the infill at 15% for the rest of the threaded spindle detail, because I was not concerned with its strength at all.

You can download the STL, STEP, and Fusion 360 files below:

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  1. Any chance you have heard of someone already changing the thread from 1×8 to 1.25 x 8 tpi? I am not familiar enough with CAD programs to do this myself.

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