Filament Spool Weighing Jig for Small Scales

Did you ever try to weigh a spool of filament on a small kitchen scale? If you lay it flat, you can’t see the scale’s display. If you try to stand it up, it rolls off the scale. This simple jig is designed to solve that problem. With it you can stand the spool of filament up on your small scale and easily read the scale.

Filament spool weighing jig - CAD rendering
Filament spool weighing jig – CAD rendering

Weighted Universal Thread Stand for Cones and Cross Wound Spools

Universal Thread Stand for Cones and Spools

I designed a thread stand to be used with thread cones and cross-wound thread spools (for sewing machines that don’t have horizontal spool pins). To make the stand a bit more substantial, the base can be filled with something heavy, like sand, lead shot, or bearing balls. The conical spool cap has two diameters: wider for bigger spools, and narrower for smaller ones. To make it you need a 3D printer, some glue, and 12-gauge steel wire for the center pin and the arm.